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    Madagascar with us (MWU) is a newly created Malagasy-based tour operator staffed with professionals whose goals are to share with you their vision of travel and discovery, and to give you the keys to appreciate and understand this wonderful country of Madagascar.


    Madagascar, a true “island continent”, is in many ways a unique destination.

    It is a country rich with a strong national cultural identity, but also local variation. The Malagasy are a welcoming, generous people attached to their traditions.

    Our goal and challenge are to help travelers appreciate these multiple dimensions.

    Beyond the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes and vast endemic fauna and a flora, you will discover a people with diverse origins who modeled a most original culture.

    Whatever region of the country you visit, the locals will greet you with the biggest smile.

    During your tours, you will appreciate the animation of the markets, privileged places to encounter the Malagasy people and share their daily life.

    We will take every opportunity to connect you with Malagasy who will proudly explain the “famadihana” (exhumation), the “fady” (taboos governing society), the “fihavanana” and the famous “mora mora”.

    You will find through our various tours, an unique adventure


    We are happy to share our field-tested tours with you.
    Depending on your wishes, we will also design tailor-made “100% Malagasy” trips for individuals or groups.
    You will be accompanied by passionate and attentive guides and drivers, able to seize the opportunities of beautiful encounters or magical moments that will make your trip special.


    Professional, dynamic and passionate specialists, our team knows the country perfectly. We will be happy to accompany you before, during, and after your trip to the Big Island.

    You can trust the 100% VITA MALAGASY concept of our proposed tours.


    NIRINA ARIVONY Volatiana Elsa, a graduate of the National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Madagascar, is the founding director of Madagascar With Us.Passionate about the profession of tourism, after graduation in 2015, she created a consulting firm in tourism (Arivony Harilala Tourism Consulting A.H.T.C) to help entrepreneurs in this sector develop of their business.

    Originally from Antananarivo, she created Madagascar With Us, an inbound tour operator.

    According to Elsa, Madagascar is a unique island because it embodies a warmth of the people. Tourism is not only an economic development sector for Madagascar, it is also a national pride, a way for “vahiny” to discover Madagascar’s human and natural beauty.

    The pleasure of sharing that motivates Elsa’s work in the tourism sector is also reflected in her community activities. She is an active member of YALI, (Young African Leaders Initiative Madagascar)., This national association promotes the emergence and development of young leaders to bringing change to the fields of civic leadership, entrepreneurship, and human and environmental community services in Madagascar.


    Rakotonarivo Flavien, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with more than 15 years of experiences. He is a graduated of Technical Formations and Management (Logistics) in France.

    The traditional value of “fihavanana” – community solidarity – is very important to the Malagasy people and is found within the MWU team.

    Hence the name MADAGASCAR WITH US, a team of united professionals.

    “Izay mahavangivangy tian-kavana” (those who come to visit are those who love their neighbor).